Choosing a junior tennis racquet for your kid.

For parents out there looking to get a junior racquet for your kids tennis development.

There are different type of junior racquets for kids ranging 19,21,23,25 and 27 inch racquets.The number is written on the racquet itself so look for the number.

Image result for junior tennis racquet number size

They generally are not too expensive hence parents looking for one for their kid can find them at places such as Decathalon , Royal Sporting House or Queensway Shopping centre.

If you wish to get a ball along with your racquet, a red, orange or greendot ball would suffice.

Put the racquet just beside your kid to be sure the racquet does not fall short of his reach or overly long for his height. Hence, the finger tips touching the racquet grip end or even close to the palm is fine.




How tennis can increasingly play a part in Singapore’s society today.

After listening to the NDP rally on TV, diabetes is one of the concerns of health in many people.The extent of the issue surprises me, from 20% in Chinese ethnic to more than 50% in Indian ethnic group in Singapore. I think exercise has always been part a solution coupled with eating right to curb this health issue.

But the main thing required is discipline and avoiding temptation to succumb to the sweet tooth. Exercise should not just be when the health problem arise but also for prevention and to make it into a lifestyle instead.

People tend to like to take the easy way out, go for the easiest exercise option or take less of something sweet (not fully stopping). May i challenge you to try tennis (if you feel it is a tough sport to muster). Make it a part of your lifestyle and it can last you till old age while having fun keeping fit and exercising at the same time.

If you haven’t learn how to play the game yet, feel free to check into the enquiry page and i’ll be more than willing to help you with your game and fitness! To a better health!

Knowing your National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP)

Firstly, NTRP stands for National Tennis Rating Program which is a guide to rate players.

Why would we need to know our ratings?

For instance , when someone asks you which level you’re at and wishes to play a game of tennis with you, it is likely one would want to play with someone of similar or better level. When I was finding a partner to play tennis with, i used to visit this forum called Tennis Friendz Network which is a place where players put up their schedule on their free time to play and request for any available players to join in. Of course, with Facebook today, tennis groups are created for such purposes such as Singapore Tennis Group.

So if you’re an expat coming to Singapore to work or for leisure and wish to meet up for a game of tennis, you could be putting up a request at the forum at TFN Tennis Frienz Network or Singapore Tennis group ( on Facebook ) to look for a partner to rally or have a match play with.

United States Tennis Association (USTA)  has a description right here on how the NTRP works.

For easier understanding , beginners with capability to reach up to the stage of hitting the tennis ball finding the right contact point and successfully getting a few exchange of hitting (2-3 balls to and fro) should be about NTRP 1.0-2.0 

For NTRP 2.0-3.0 , it is another notch up where he/she displays better judgement of the ball pathway and performing a better skill development of the strokes and is ready to play a social game but not quite ready for a higher pace game or may not be consistent in volley at the net yet.

NTRP rating are up to 7.0 which i won’t go on to elaborate much here since you can find out from the reliable sources on the internet and from the above link i’ve included under the USTA.

Its a good system to rate yourself and for the other party to know your level before you fix up a social game together. Most of the time, people like to play along with their own standards because of consistency and not play down to a weaker player in general. Example, a more experienced player may not enjoy as much as playing with a total beginner , he/she might not get a proper hitting of balls going.

To your higher NTRP ratings!


Do you need to be very strong to play tennis ?

One of the common thinking people have about the game of tennis i’ve encountered is that you need to be very strong or at least that is thought of by some who don’t play.I would think that is a guess that they make that is based on the size of the court that they perceive, the grunts they hear from the sports news on TV and perhaps the racquet they feel is very heavy and more so when lifting it and swinging.

Well, if 5 year old kids can play tennis i think its a good enough reason to erase that doubt that they can play tennis too. Its not at tough as it look to be once you’ve tried it and understand the mechanics of the game. Personally, i’m not of very big build and of course so the focus should be on the technique and once you’ve gotten it, tennis can be a really enjoyable time on court.

Its more like a pendulum effect when you’re playing , or like tetris where by if you have mastered the momentum and can rally the shots from you to your partner and back and stay in that pace, you pretty much got it. Its like you’ll feel like you’re in a the zone already. You don’t have to be someone who need to hit the gym often to be strong enough to play it but hey it could help a little. Its really like making your whole body work itself and transferring that energy into your strokes is what i’m trying to send the message to you my dear reader.

So if you have the thinking that its a game for strong people, not quite right, but tennis is a game for all ages for kids for adults and even elderly ( they must be in good shape at least i think into their 80s or even 90s).


Tennis bond family & friends together

As i see the bond being forged between a mother and a son or a young couple, it certainly shows that doing an activity together be it tennis or not does bring wonders to a family. Doing things together does make a difference than just doing it on your own. Maybe its something you haven’t tried before, learning a new skill with your old folk or even having a hit with you brother or sister. Well, for me it dawn upon me the past week when i met up with a mother and her toddler child having a good time at tennis, and brothers learning together or even a couple just enjoying a game of tennis for a workout.

Finding a common activity to do and tennis is worth it especially when you can keep playing this game throughout your life as long as you maintain injury free and playing with the right technique. The faster way to right your technique is to go for tennis coaching.

Start to do things with your favorite people and tennis could be a could 2017 new year resolution for you or your family. Do the things that matter and I’m sure family certainly matters and so is health. What better way then to spend time with them and keep fit at the same time! But of course, some may not find tennis as a way to bond, find some other activity that can be a great bonding activity too! Whatever it is, may your 2017 be a great one ahead and hopefully tennis be a bonding activity for you and your loved ones!

How to know if you’re suitable for a sport , or tennis ?

Recently  i have had an exchange with a person on the suitability for a sport and decided to come up with a post on a suitability. The decision making on whether you’re suited for the sport is subjective to individuals because they know themselves best. But I’ld like to add that it should be over a period of time instead of a one or two off occasion. This is because you then have enough traction to understand the game and see if you really like it.

It takes time for someone to get the hang of a certain sport but different people have different strengths. So someone who’s more talented could be spending less time learning it ( and so seems more suited for the sport) comparing to someone who may be less talented or less inclined to the sport ( lack of ball sense or whatsoever). Hence, it will take more time to build that success for him/her.

I should say the important factor would be to enjoy the process of the learning and for tennis, it can be playing a game or regards it as an exercise for many is good enough. But to shortchange yourself by predicting too early if the sport is for you yet may be too premature but to give it a short period of time say maybe 5-10 sessions to try to master the art.

It might not be for you, at least you have tried it and moved on to the next. But I’m sure you’ll still be able to get some endorphins going for you at least! Wishing all a happy 2017 and may it be a wonderful one for you!

Picking the right color ball for your tennis lesson.

In tennis, i used to think in the past that there was just a single color ball which is the usual yellow ball that everyone hits. In fact, there is a few coloured balls which are the red , orange, green and of course yellow.

The difference are mainly the size and bounce of the ball. Beginning from red, it is bigger then the rest and slower in speed when hit, and progressively increases in speed from orange to green and to yellow. The size of orange , green and yellow are about the same. The compression of the ball are different and so the bounce varies.

Hence, different people who has a different pick up on tennis , the pace of their game should pick the ball that is suited to their pace initially and work from there.

You can find these balls mainly at sports shops such as queensway shopping centre, sports shops in malls or even on carousell ( phone application ) I get mine from leisure sports at Far East shopping centre.

If you’re having difficulty sustaining your rallies, i would suggest starting with orange balls to rally as they are more manageable to track the ball and slower pace for you to prepare your set up for the shots. Of course satisfaction from the punch when hitting the ball is not as satisfying then the normal ball but do not forget its a build up towards your game of rally which would prove useful in time to come.